Did I get my money's worth?

phoebe_bird(z7 NC)July 20, 2008

Hi-- I just received a blackberry lily bulb from a mail order company that I've never ordered from, and I was rather shocked at how small my bulb is. I paid $13.95-- based on the picture (please follow the link at the bottom), does it look like I got my money's worth, or was I ripped off? Thanks.


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Blackberry lily is neither a lily nor does it produce a bulb. Belamcanda is an iris relative that produces a fleshy rhizomatous root system. IMO, it's a bit late in the season to be offering bare root perennials, but various mail order sources will do so throughout the year, regardless. As to being "ripped off", a gallon sized belamcanda in full leaf and bud can typically be found at nurseries in my area in midsummer for about a third less than you paid. But if they are scarce in your neck of the woods with local retailers, mail order may be your only source. Personally I hesitate to buy anything mail order because of this.....tiny plants possibly in dubious condition, big prices and high shipping costs but then there are hundreds of great retail nurseries in my area where you can find just about any plant imaginable. This is not the case everywhere else and often mail order is the only solution. But it's a matter of buyer beware. Make sure you have checked out the reliability of unknown or previously unused mail order sources on the Garden Watchdog before ordering.

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phoebe_bird(z7 NC)

Thanks-- I wound up going ahead and planting it. I guess I'll see what's what next spring.

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