Hortilux Bulbs??

Just_JaySeptember 23, 2004

"About the Hortilux lamp This lamp is specifically designed for growing and is not used for anything else. The hortilux differs from a standard HPS in two ways, 1. It has a color (rated in Kelvins) corrected spectrum, HPS lamps put out a red-yellow (looks orange) light which promotes flowering and fruiting, an MH lamp puts out a blue-white light which promotes dense vegetative growth, So the Hortilux designers created an HPS lamp that has a little blue light added in to cover both spectrums and make a plant grow well from seed to fruit."

This is what the rep emailed me. I want to grow and flower out daylilies. Would this lamp work vs MH/HPS-- or those two rotated?

Thanks. As always.. this is a GREAT forum.


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Hi Jay, I started out with this bulb, 600watts HPS. I grew orchids only, so it makes sense to have this bulb for the flowering and since it has some blue in it will also promote vegetation. I have it set up in my living room, ( it is a rather large living room). The first day, I can tolerate the colour, the second day, it started to drive me crazy, and the third day, I took it back to the store to exchange it for the Sunmaster warm MH 400 watts. This has a bit of red in it, but it is still bluish, but plants look like it is bathing in daylight. while the Hortilux HPS says it has some blue, it is still very orangy. The leaves looks like a weird colour, while the lavender flower of the cattleya looks like the colour of raw liver.
Check with the return policy before you buy it.

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jwmeyer(Z8 OR)

Go w/ either the philips mastercolor 400w ceramic metal halide or the hortilux blue.....both are white light w/ incredible sprectrums.....The things you can grow under them is limitless.

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What else can you tell me about the Philips MasterColor 400w lamp? Have you used one, or have you seen one used? Do you have any info, or good link, to any more information that Phips has?

Last year, I ran across these MasterColor lamps while researching coatings on HIDs. I was really hoping to find out if the Spectral Power Distribution that Philips published was at all remotely true. It looked, to me, like this should be an EXTRAORDINARY plant light.

I never found the MasterColor represented as a grow light by Philips, or by any of the sellers I looked up. I have searched, most recently just a couple of months ago, but never found any instance of anyone having used the lights for plants.

This is the first time I have ever see anyone mention this light. What else do you know? I would appreciate it.


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jwmeyer(Z8 OR)

Try this...
I'm still trying to figure this site out so bear w/ me...


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