Converting Fluorescent Light Fixture

SnapstrissSeptember 21, 2005

Hi, all.

I'm trying to set up an indoor mini greenhouse- I have the shelves, plastic cover, and fluorescent lights. I bought 24 in 2 lamp strip lights (Lithonia model# C 2 20 120 LPF). Apparently the lights I purchased are ceiling fixtures and don't have a cord or plug. I got a good deal and didn't even think about it only being wired for the ceiling.

Does anyone know if and how I can connect the wiring to an electrical plug without electrocution?

I prefer to use the lights I already bought, but if that's not possible, can anyone suggest an inexpensive brand/ model number of a fixture that will be usable for this purpose. Obviously the fixtures marketed toward the greenhouse purpose are way overpriced, so I'm looking for an inexpensive substitute.

Thanks in advance!

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

The wires can be connected to an electrical plug instead of to a wall switch. Connect the live and neutral wires to the appropriate plug sockets, and connect an earth wire to the earthing point on the fixture. You might also wish to connect a switch in line with the live wire if there isn't a suitable switch on the fixture. For plant lights, a timer can be used instead of a switch, or a timer plug socket can be used.

The live wire is likely to be red, black, or red and black. The neutral wire is likely to be white, but may be black. A ground wire will be green, yellow, green and yellow, or possibly just a bare copper wire. There may also be just an earth terminal and no wire.

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I have a fluorescent fixture that I want to use with a plug as I do not want it hardwired to the ceiling.

It currently has no wires and I did not understand any of the above comment. Can anyone please explain or provide a website that has instructions? It does not have to be for plants I just want it for a fluorescent lights.

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:) it does have wires, you have to take off the cover to get to the ballast. After you do that post a close up picture of it. It should have a label inside showing which wire live, neutral and ground.
Once you know that you can use a computer power cable or extension cord to connect those wires to it and be able to just plug it in as you desire

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lithonia lighting shoplight fixtures from doitbest hardware online, will deliver for free to your local store. that is where i buy mine, and then i refurbish the fixtures with used t8 ballasts u can find on ebay for cheap, and then wire them for "overdrive". this is very easily found on overdriven fluorescent lights by google search. i use the 4 lamp sylvania and advance instant start ballast, and use a 4 lamp ballast to run just 2 lamps - this gives them extra current, and they will go more bright for you. i also line the reflector with mylar, that i fasten on with carpet tape. this gives you a totally superior lamp for fairly cheap, and it will use ordinary t8 lamps, which are also quite cheap and have a long life.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

You bought a model for fixed ceiling installation instead of shop light. The latter comes already with installed extention chord that can be plugged into outlet.No wiring needed.
If you want to wire what you've got, you have to get a 3-wire extension chord .
If you don't know how to do it better ask some one who does.
Or return what you bought and get a shop light. I bough a 48" Lithonia shop light that accommodates 2 T8 tubes , for about $13. But you have to buy the tubes separately. Total cost about $20. I am going to get another one.

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