Courgettes showing strange symptoms

DorfkrugSeptember 12, 2013


We have been growing courgettes for about 2 weeks.

At night, the growtent is 25�C and in the daytime it's 32�C. The plants get 14 hours of light every day, and the 400 Watt lamp is about 70cm above the plants.

They get plenty of water every day (although we have stopped watering them for 2 days because the soil is damp), and the water contains fertilisers called Canna Vega and Canna Rhizotonic.

Here's the problem: the leaves show inconsistent colours, are 'glossy', yellow and have brown, soft moist edges.

Any idea how we can solve this?

Many thanks,


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It's a bit late now but that seems far too hot, far too wet and far too humid for courgettes. They don't need to be in a tent. I can't help you on the fertilisers because I have never used any.

They are potentially very large plants. Is there any reason you are trying to grow them so out of season? I'm still picking them outdoors from summer crops here.

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