Asiatics and foliage dieback

lam702July 13, 2008

I started growing lilies about 2 yrs ago, I have both asiatics and orientals. For some reason, my asiatic foliage starts to turn brown, pretty much as soon as, or even slightly before, they bloom. Now, some of them are finished blooming, and the foliage is all brown and dead looking, but only with the asiatics, the orientals still have nice, green foliage. Is this normal for them to die back so soon? Or, does it indicate some kind of fungal/insect problem? They bloomed beautifully, so it doesn't seem to affect the flower quality. I should mention that the asiatics and orientals are planted in the same bed. Thoughts?

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I had some pink asiatic that did that this year. I chalked my problem as being over run by my crimson pixies. I figure I will move them and thin out the crimson pixies. Hopefully they will do better next year.

I would make sure they aren't over crowded or being shaded by another plant. Hope this helps I'm still learning about lilies myself.


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