When to start? New to Growing under Lights

vinny_75(6)September 8, 2008


I just created a massive 20x50 Sq feet area in front of my house, just so I can go hig wild on planting veriety of flowers. Instead of getting grown plants for instant gratification, I have decided to go with the economical approach. Have set up a 48" T8 CoolLight fixture in the basement where I average about 62degrees during peak winter. The whole set up is right next to my furnace. My hope is that it will provide some warmth during cold days.

QUestion is, I havent a clue on when to start my seeds. Here is a list of what I have



Lychnis Lumina Mix

Salvia Blue Queen

Marigold Park's Whopper

Marigold Janie Mix

Celosia Fresh Look Yel


Foxglove Camelot Cream

Coneflower Magnus

Blazing Stars Florista

Blazing Stars Florista




Green Pepper


Bell Pepper

Could someone tell me when I can start them? I live in Connecticut, Zone 6. Would like to plan accordingly.



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almax881(z8 - Louisiana)

I can answer your questions about the start date for vegetables.

Your start date is dependant on the last date of frost for your zone. In Connecticut, the last frost date is April 25.

TOMATOES - Seeds should be started six to eight weeks before your last frost date.

EGGPLANT - Seeds should be started six to eight weeks before your last frost date.

GREEN PEPPERS - Seeds should be started eight weeks before your last frost date.

OKRA - Seeds should be directly sown into the ground at beginning two to three weeks after your last frost date. (They don't transplant well.)

BELL PEPPERS - Seeds should be started at least eight weeks before your last frost date.

I hope that helps.

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