Lily beetles & plant regrowth

redhareJuly 29, 2008

I planted my first asian lilies last year as bulbs. They all grew nicely, then they were almost all eaten and destroyed by red beetles (I found out they are lily beetles by a search on this forum).

Some are still leafy, others I had to cut back because they got stripped and covered in black goo on the flower buds. Wish I had looked here sooner for info on getting rid of these buggers!

Will the plants grow again next year? Or will I have to start over and replant?

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opheliathornvt zone 5

Mine come back every year, although I fear that over time, if the beetles really decimate the foliage, it will weaken the bulb. I have no mercy when I see those beetles, but enough of them still get away to make my lily leaves look all chewed up. I wish there were something non-toxic I could spray on them to kill them in place instead of having to hand-pick them several times a day.

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