GE Gro-Lisht Assembly ?

robert11(usda 5)September 25, 2008


Presently using GE Gro-Light fluorescents.

(name might be somewhat wrong)

They are about 24 inches in length.

Made this all up about 4 years ago.

Went to Home Depot and Lowes to buy some more, but see that they now only carry the bulbs.

What I am trying to find is what I had before, which I'll try to explain.

What I previously bought had a flat plastic piece glued to the bulb.

The piece had a molded in slot at each end of the plastic to accept a clip for easy mounting.

Have no idea what this was all called by GE.

Does GE still make them ?

What are they called (model, etc.)?

Anyone on the web carry them ? Link to, please ?

Any thoughts on would be most appreciated.



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I know the lights you are talking i have the
remains of a couple of 'em laying around somewhere.

Don't remember for sure but the exact name GE called it but
it says Bright Stik Gro $ Sho on the bulb
The thin plastic piece glued along the bulb was the ballast...
and it was a real pain to replace the bulb (since the entire
unit was meant to be disposable)

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