Iris and Astillbe

hosta_house(IL 6)October 6, 2007

When my church sold their property (which I took care of) it contained hundreds of Iris, Ferns, Peonies,etc.

The building and landscape was to be bulldozed over to make way for some commercial development. I spent a week loading my truck and distibuted these plants to family,friends and neighbors and crowded my beds in my own small yard,when I had bought my 100 year old home, I found it had many Bearded Iris (mostly the purple variety)among other plants and I've probably added another fifty or so Bearded Iris along a strip of Astille. Knowing that Astille need lots of water I've read that Iris don't like wet feet, we've had a very dry summer this year and they seem to be thriving but I'm wondering if this might be a problem in the future?

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Good for you in your rescue of the plants.

The excess watering may prevent future bloom. So much depends upon the soil. Fast draining? Nutrient content??

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I see two potential problems with your situation. First, bearded irises are easily rotted if overwatered. They are quite drought tolerant and will stay healthier in a bed where the soil provides excellent drainage and is allowed to dry out between waterings. In fact, bearded irises generally require no supplemental water at all unless you are growing them in arid or drought conditions.

Second, aren't astilbes primarily shade or partial shade plants? Bearded irises perform best in full sun and may refuse to bloom or bloom only sparsely in insufficient sun.


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ofionnachta(z6 WNJ)

Not a good combination on account of their differing water requirements, but you saved them -- so letting them rest there temporarily was good. However, I would be thinking of homes to transfer them to.

I would put the ferns with the astilbes, and the irises & peonies together! But not too close. They both like lots of sun.

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