The end is near

hementia8(8 MS)July 16, 2013

With all the hot weather and daily rains ,my garden is about done
Only a few butter beans are producing and the cowpeas are looking poorly
The image is of next years crop of pole beans which we managed to salvage
The black seeded BLUE MARBUT,MEEKS RUNNING,ALABAMA NO 1 and IDEAL MARKET were the best producers despite the heat
The ROMA, flat pods and ornamentals did poorly
I guess it is time to put up the 5 gallon buckets and hoses until next year.

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Can you plant another crop when the weather cools?

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hementia8(8 MS)

Richard I believe we have more than enough,except for the romas[our farorite],besides buttereans have taken over the poles They are reaching for the moon because of the cloudy weather The bbs should produce more readily when it cools somewhat and should produce till frost

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Frank Barnett was telling me that in his part of Kentucky, most years he can raise two full bean gardens one after the other. Here we go to a lot of effort to get one crop. - Dick

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Good grief! The end??? My runners haven't started producing and I haven't even sown the bush beans yet. Still picking peas and favas.

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Flora, my runner beans have tiny one inch long pods. I think our climate here south of Seattle resembles yours.

Charlie is in an area with early and serious summers. - Dick

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hementia8(8 MS)

Serious is right,100 degrees today
It was the first day this month without rain
We are getting a lot of beans that are sproutig in the pod
I am thinking about planting them tomorrow along with more cowpeas.if the rain holds off til afternoon
We usually get thee crops off the same poles each year viz.Pole beans,butter beans and cowpeas
We were late getting them planted this year because of the late frost and did not get as many as last year when we had a drought.
We produced no bush beans at all this year because of the heavy rains

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drlloyd - yes my runners are a bit behind some people's and now they have stalled because, amazingly, we have had two weeks with no rain and temps in the 80s. They've issued a heatwave warning.

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hementia8(8 MS)

I really mean it this time
It is supposed to get down to 25 tonight
I pulled the butter bean and cow pea vines out of the fruit trees were some have climbed to 20' or more
Got enough for a couple of meals plus plenty of dried
Still have pumpkins and winter squash in the field that are almost mature
The butter beans are loaded and would have matured in a week or two
It will be back in the 70's by the weekend
Looking forward to next year
Hopefully it will be better

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