row spacing for pinkeye purple hull peas?

hnycrk(8a)July 11, 2012

Pulled my corn a week ago and wanted to plant purple hull peas. Never grown them before so need some info on spacing. as far as plant spacing how's 3" apart and rows 2' apart I want to cram as many as I can. Also you guys don't think its to late to be starting these in Georgia? Thanks.

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You can start peas for at least another 2 weeks and still get a crop.

Your row spacing won't work. Move the rows out to 3 feet apart and keep your spacing at 4 or 5 seed per foot of row.


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Thanks DarJones, thats exactly what I'll do. Would it be a bad to add some composted chicken manure at time of planting, or should I add nothing. Again corn was just grown in this bed. Thanks.

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Concur, except that you need to know which variety you are planting. Some purple hulls like Pinkeye Purple hull are semi vining and take up a lot of space. Quick Pick and Top Pick are also pink eye/purple hulls but have a compact upright bush so if you are using only a couple of rows you can away with your spacing. Most than 4 rows you will need to provide a walkway. Knuckle Purple hull Crowders take even more space. If you are planting a semi-vining variety 3 ft rows is minimum spacing. Vining varieties are happiest with 4 ft. I use standard bean plates in the planter which gives me about 4 inch spacing.

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I'll find out the exact type tomorrow, I left the catalog at work. I ordered them from southern exposure seed exchange and should have them this weekend for planting. I know there semi bush/ vining type. What do u guys think about adding the composted poultry manure at the time I plant? Or should I not add any? I want lots of peas and not huge vines. Corn was planted here and feed heavily with nitrogen so I kind of figure there still some in the soil to get em going. Thanks.

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