These guys are eating my Green & Wax bean leaves!

Angelicisi(8)July 26, 2012

Unsure yet of what these grubs/catapillars are from/become but omg they're getting greedy! they eat whole leaves stripping the stem except one leaf to wrap themselves up in to avoid the heat hours it seems (I'm down south) I use no sprays or insect pesticides, I do try and use predetory insects and hand to bug combat...I'm a bada** w/ my electric raquet lol but does anyone know what these are? They relentless, at least 3 a day off every plant (12 plants total)

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* that white bug in pic was actually in the pest collection container I use and not found on the beans. Those white bugs did attack my Salvia flowers...but for another thread.

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rdback(Z6 VA)

Hello Angelicisi.

Looks like the Bean Leafroller to me. See link below and/or google for info.


Here is a link that might be useful: Bean Leafroller info

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Hey thanks! They were driving me nuts lol so I gave the green bean and wax bean plants a bath in cayanne pepper spray and so far so good!

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