Fertilizer for lilies whose leaves have been chopped off?

linnea56(z5 IL)July 6, 2009

Bunnies mowed down some lilies that were planted in the beginning of May. They were less than a foot tall at the time. They targeted just the newly planted ones: transplanted ones moved to that garden from another area were left completely alone. Apparently some varieties are tastier than others, or newly planted ones somehow taste better.

As I am enjoying the "old" ones starting to bloom I am really annoyed when I look at those stumps that left on the new ones, which would have completed my color scheme perfectly. Everything in this new bed is supposed to be a hot color, with some wild contrast that do not go in my more pastel shaded main gardens. The variety is "Red Dutch", a hot yellow color with a red heart, which I saw here in someoneÂs pictures last year and really wanted. I could not find them online, except from Canada (and did not want to deal with phytosanitary certificate issues for a few bulbs), and so was really happy when by sheer luck. I found them in a local store.

I have had plenty of other lilies with buds nipped off, and some leaves, and as long as there were enough leaves left to nourish the bulb, I didnÂt worry about it. I could always hope for next year. But these poor guys, at the height of an inch or so, have between 3 and 5 short little leaves left at the base. I donÂt expect to be able to buy them again.

I normally donÂt fertilize except for top dressing with purchased rotted manure/ compost in the spring. Is there something else I can use specifically for these lilies?

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I wouldn't bother with fertilizer - the bulbs either have enough green material left to replenish the bulb or they don't. There should be a few inches of stem left underground also which could help.

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I'd put bonemeal or bulb food on them this fall and again in the early spring before they come up. They will probably come up and bloom next year. I've had the same thing happen to me. You may want to get a product called Repel. It seems to work to deter rabbits and deer from my plants. You do have to reapply after it rains. It comes in a spray bottle and you can find it at box stores.

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