Mosaic only affecting pole beans?

rubber_duckie_27July 4, 2006

I have what I think is yellow mosaic that's hit my pole beans (Kentucky Wonder) - it started with the yellowed bottom leaves but since the plants were vining nicely I didn't worry. Now the yellow mottled leaves are progressing up the vines and the leaves up on the vines have that krinkled curled look.

I have bush beans planted directly adjacent to the pole beans and they're already producing pods in a prolific guess is they'll be harvested within the week. The pole beans (unknown kind - transplanted seedlings) are unaffected by the mosaic. Is it normal to have the mosaic not hitting one variety of bean when within a foot or two there are pole beans that are affected?

I am planting in a raised bed built by the house's previous owners. The neighbors said that the previous owner only planted tomatoes and cukes in the bed (no peas or beans). I use insecticidal soap consistantly and didn't SEE aphids (although that doesn't mean they weren't there). We had major rains on several occasions this season. The plants looked completely normal until after the most recent rains a week or two ago.

I planted some Kentucky Blue seeds close to the line of affected Kentucky Wonder. Should I rip out the affected plants ASAP? The Kentucky Blue have not sprouted yet. I'd certainly like to give the new plants a fighting chance.

I planted a second batch of bush beans in a completely separate raised bed, near some pepper plants. Do I need to worry about them being hit by yellow mosiac? They are Blue Lake bush variety. Since my first crop of bush beans were completely fine and were right next to the pole beans, I'm hopeful...

One last item. Where my current close-to-harvest bush beans are, I plan to plant fall peas next month. Do I need to worry about yellow bean mosaic affecting peas? Should I have a plan for knocking aphids out? I am not opposed to using pesticides, although the insecticidal soap has worked well with other insects.

This fall we're ripping out the old beds and hubby is building me four 4'x4' square foot gardening-type beds, which will get all new soil. Hopefully this won't be an issue next year.

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username_5(banned for no reason)

- Is it normal to have the mosaic not hitting one variety of bean when within a foot or two there are pole beans that are affected? -

Sounds like maybe the seed you got was bad. If the seed carries the virus then the plants get it. That would explain why it affects only one variety and not even the neighboring varieties. If it were insect introduced I would imagine close by plants would also show symptoms unless they were resistant varieties.

I believe bean mosaic can infect peas as well, but not 100% sure if it would have to be a different strain or not.

I would suggest you do not save any seed this year for replanting.

Just my thoughts. I haven't had to deal with mosaic virus (knock on wood) so I don't know much about it.

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I don't save seed anyways, so that's not a concern. I'll have to research resistant varieties for next year's planting.

I just harvested three (yeah, three) beans from the "mystery" bush bean plants. They tasted nice, but not outstanding. I'm a bit bummed because I'm told pole beans have better flavor than bush beans, but I'll gladly take whatever will grow.

I guess I'm adopting a wait and see approach with the new planting of Blue Lake bush beans. They're just now sprouting in a separate bed (2' of space between the bed that had the affected plants and the one I'm using now).

So I think if I water carefully, and keep the aphids away, the virus may not be able to "hop" to the plants in the second bed. Hopefully the fall peas and this new bunch of bush beans will be OK. If they catch it, oh well! This is a real learning experience anyways. Plus, hubby and I have those plans for new raised beds and new clean soil next year anyways! ;-)

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so how do you get rid of the mosaic? and what is it? thanks terry

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