Planting lilies now

pameliap(Z8 Florence, SC)July 14, 2006

I just received 15 lily bulbs that I found on Ebay. They are nice, healthy looking, have nice looking roots and about 2 inches to 3 inches of sprout. My question is, how deep should I plant these? Should I go six inches to the bottom of the bulb or leave the sprouts exposed?

I'm not expecting blooms this year, but I know it would be best for the bulbs to get some leaf growth to feed the bulbs.

The lilies are Narbonne (sp?), Stargazer, Lollipop, Rosato, and Centerfold.

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hld6(z7 MD)

Hi pameliap,

Plant as deep as you can leaving the top part of the sprout out of the ground. How much depends on what the sprout looks like.

If the sprout is pretty "tight" and the tip bullet shaped then leave just the very tip exposed. Any part that looks like its starting to leaf out keep above ground.

After the foliage turns yellow in the Fall you should replant them deeper (8"-10") since lilies are stem rooting and that will provide more nutrition for the plant next Spring (and helps to keep hungry critters from getting them in the winter).

It would probably be best (at least for now) to plant in the warmest parts of your garden so they can get as long of a growing season as possible. You live in a warm zone so that should help

The problem is that the foliage feeds the bulb mostly AFTER blooming. (That's why late blooming types are more difficult to grow in colder climates.)

Luckily the lilies you have are all pretty hardy hybrids with large bulbs when blooming size. So, even if your bulbs don't get much larger this season they'll have the strength to come back and do well. Your Asiatics might even bloom this year.


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pameliap(Z8 Florence, SC)

They're blooming! I'll be moving them to a new bed in the late fall.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lilies

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