VERY tall lilies

andib12July 18, 2008

I just moved into a new home, and the previous owner had planted tons of lilies. Most are doing fine on their own, but there are 2 6-foot tall white lilies that fell over once they bloomed (too top heavy), and one 8-foot tall orange lily that seems to be holding its own for the time being. My question is, is there any way to shorten these lilies for the future? Tall lilies are nice, but this is a little out of hand, and I'm assuming not great for the plant if it's falling over.

Thank you.

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gardenerme(z9/21 inland socal)

Is it growing tall in order to reach the sun? Maybe in too much shade?

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That or I grow one that is supposed to top out at 7' I believe. I bought a bunch of plant hoops, but that tallest one wants to lean some already, so I may have to stake it with something taller eventually. There is a tall one, but it's on the neighbor's property, and it hasn't toppled since the first year it came up there; it definitely needs more sun because the stems are too long for that lily, the common ditch one.

I don't know if you can make them shorter without sacrificing the bloom(s) like some other plants you can pinch back.

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No you can't pinch these back. IF you pink off any bloom that's it--you've destroyed the bloom for the year.

Please stake your tall lilies and be grateful that they are tall and strong. Me, I spend my life trying to get my lilies to grow tall.

Invest in a few of the tall green plastic stakes and they will last for years.

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philomena(z 5A NY)

I'm ecstatic when my lilies get super-tall, i.e. Silk Road can top 8'. I have one that is about 8'3", and a many between 6 and 7 feet. They get good sun and I always stake them - the 8'+ was so heavy with flowers that it bent over about 2' from the top, but did not break. I "splinted" it with popsicle sticks and stretchy green tape, and it's doing fine. This height is what this variety is supposed to get to, so it may be that the varieties you have are supposed to be that tall.

You can get green stakes that are essentially green coated rebar - very strong and pretty much indestructible. I have a batch of 8'. 7' and 6' stakes - use them all each year.

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dunwaukin(Ontario 5b)

Henryi crosses tend to grow long and lanky -- is it one of those

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aliska12000 are you talking about lilies or daylily which is not a lily.

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Sounds like you have "Tree Lilies" which are the result of years of breeding efforts (look at the ones Spring Hill offers - they have the name of the breeder). A friend of mine planted 3 of these late last year and they are already 4-5 ft tall. They also have the largest blossums I have EVER seen on a lily!
If you don't like their size, I'm sure you would have no trouble at all giving them away (the bulbs run $12.95 and up).

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Spring Hill, Breck's and other companies affiliated with these VERY bad sellers use this made up name ("Tree Lilies") for advertising Orienpets. Use the reputable sellers' descriptions.
I think that original poster talked about Trumpets or Henryi crosses. Orienpets are not very common (especially in white and orange).

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RE the 'very bad sellers' remark - I've ordered from SpringHill and I was happy. I had one plant die and my mom had a couple conk out (we ordered together). They replaced my mom's plants for free with better ones, and they refunded my money no questions asked. I know others have had problems with them, but give 'em a chance. Especially with bulbs, you should be fairly safe, and if there is a problem, they ARE guaranteed.

Also, "made up name"? Lots of plants have common names or 'made up names' by the marketer/seller/breeder. If they want to call them tree lilies, whatever.

But you're entitled to your opinion! :)

So anyway, back to the lily discussion...

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My understanding is that if the company has less than 90% rating, it can not be considered as a reliable source.

The scoop on 'Spring Hill Nursery' on the Garden Watch Dog.

Just read some of the stories (especially first of the POSITIVE comments on the page). A friend of mine placed her first order at SH about 3 years ago. 70% of her plants were either dead upon arrival or died shortly after planting. The company replaced the plants. The replacement was just as bad. Reassured by their "life time warranty" she placed 2 more orders. Same result: very poor quality. They did not replace her second and third order. The bottom line? Not a single plant survived. She is in the process of getting her money back through the general attorney.
My friend is an experienced gardener (not an experienced mail order buyer though).
Made up names are misleading. Reputable seller always use scientific names.
Their web site has:

Badly photoshoped pictures
Inaccurate plants' descriptions
"Stretched" zone limitations
Fake warranty information

So if you think they plants ARE quaranteed, try to place a couple of more orders and claim the replacement. And be prepared to a long and pointless war with their customer service. Their "life time warranty" works for the first order only.

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Fair enough. I only buy $25 worth when there is a free $25 coupon, anyway.

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This has to be pardelinum. I ordered some from brent and becky's and they didn't grow too tall and didn't bloom. But they take a season to bloom so I am waiting til next year. They are beautiful! Please let them grow!!

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I have tons of these lilies some as tall as ten feet. What I need to know is one they have bloomed and there are no more flowers should I cut the stalk down?

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You can remove the flower head only. The bulb needs the stem and leaves to replenish itself for next year. During the second half of summer and early fall your bulb will grow larger and will have even more flowers next year. Later on in late fall after the leaves and stems have turned brown, you can cut it all back, leaving about a 2 inch stub. Do not remove this stub--it will dislodge itself next spring.


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illinoisdoglover(z5IL) say your lilies can reach 10' tall. amazing. they look beautiful. Do you know the name of them ? I have never grown any so tall. keep me in mind if you should ever decide you have too many and would like to trade. send me an email.

Does anyone have any feedback of personal experiences with Michigan Bulb?

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