id help again please big seymour

Ladybug6163(5)June 4, 2012

This is who I call Big Seymour. It has been here since we bought the property so it is over six years old. I think it flowers in July with lavender flowers. The third picture is an eye that is completely different then the original plant. Thanks for any help.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

ok.. i just replied to the other..

what gives on the seymore names???

grandpa or something???

who many seemores can one woman have.... i am disturbed by it all ...


keep an eye on that little one.. if it green in the center.. you will know what it is.. and it will tell you what the all green one is..

or steve will tell you.. lol


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Ken its called feed me seymour something I started calling it when I had no idea what it was. Google feed me seymour and you will see my spelling is right. I think you meant to say how many not who but only 2 with no names. Thanks for the welcome to the hosta forum hopefully Steve will have some input.
Thanks Debbie

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Welcome Debbie. I recognized the meaning of Seymour immediately. I got a chuckle out of it.

Alas, I can not help you with either ID. Personally I like the name you've given them. Do you also have to protect your friends when they come with in distance of one of them? :-D

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Wow Debbie: I was really in a tailspin. I'm not as sharp as alexis picking up on the unknown plant. But I have to admit "FEED ME" triggered something in my head.(lol) I even have the movie on VHS, if anyone remembers what THAT is!


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I think it is Fortunei Hyacinthia.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

I'm pretty sure that Bennie has it right. Fortunei Hyacinthia sports like crazy. That little eye could be sporting into Whirlwind or something completely new.


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Eleven(Metro Detroit 6A)

Yeah, I was also thinking this was Hyacinthina. Mine often throws a couple oddball eyes.

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Thanks everyone looked it up on the HL and the flowers look the same and it is bluer early in the season then turns more green so Seymour will now have a tag.
Alexis717 I have told people that I would feed them to Seymour but normally just my husband and daughter.
HostaLes I still have a vhs machine along with a few beta tapes that were before vhs go figure pack rat that I am.
Thanks Bennie, Steve and Eleven I'll keep an eye on the little guy and see what it does.
Thanks Debbie

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

no.. i didnt pick up on the obscure little shop of horror reference.. but i did suspect something ... ken

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