Indoor lights for palms

tropicpalmsSeptember 16, 2009

I have approx. 40 palms and bananas and i usually bring them in for the winter but my collection keeps getting larger... what is a good light/lights to use for them. medal halide... hps both just 1? if so what watt? i dont want to burn any, i dont know much about the indoor lights. if someone could please help thankyou.

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haha i guess no one knows

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Your lights will not burn them unless they are too close to the bulbs themselves..It depends on the space you have them in..Do not put them underneath anything more powerful than just plain ole flourescent bulbs..Metal halide will burn them..

You can go up to 16 hours on the light, both kinds, but keep them further than 3 feet away if using metal halide... Do not use sodium ones..Your palms and banana are a little more sensitive than most plants in the light department. You can have them up to 6-12 feet away, and they will still benefit greatly in a brightly lit room...

I have seen some doing great at companies with just plain ole flourescent lights...

I have kept mine about 6 feet or more away from the main source of my lights at 450 and 600 watts, and they do wonderful, all the while I keep my full sun plants right underneath them...
I did burn one palm right under a 600 watt bulb, 3 feet below it, and never will I again.. I also use metal halide since these are known for vegatative growth....They simulate early summer sun..

Hope this helps you....:-)

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