Best way to convert this display stand to a lighted plant stand?

northernellieOctober 10, 2007

Don't worry, those plants are just there for the night and for illustrative purposes. :)

This used to be an energy drink display stand. The 3 steel poles are hollow. The yellow shelves are water-tight and about 2" deep. I am fairly handy and have rewired lamps before, and have no problem drilling holes or anything like that.

I'd sure appreciate any ideas! The shelves are about 14". The best (and cheapest) idea I have is a regular incandescent fixture with a compact circline fluor. bulb, but that would protrude into the "growing space" in the shelves several inches and probably glare into the eyes. A nice flat slimline circline fluor. fixture would be neater in appearance but I can only find those in ceiling fixture types.. is it possible, or recommended, to wire such a fixture up to a plug-in cord? I intend to hide cords inside the poles.

Again, sure would appreciate any ideas! Thanks!

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Two-tube 48" fluorescent fixture installed vertically.

Rotate plants (or the plant stand) every week.


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