slug patrole

dray67(7)June 10, 2012

I let the chickens out tonight for some slug patrol. They will eat every thing that moves or is wet and shiny. They eat the weed seed and sprouts too. They don�t seem to bother the hosta.

This is a new bed planted in the past 2 weeks. The back is a 3 gallon Empress Wu, across the front is Winter Snow, Regal Splendor, and Sum and Substance.

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Haha! I love this!!

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Babka NorCal 9b

Oh how I wish we could have chickens here, but it is against city ordinance. Fresh eggs and chickens that feast on bugs are incredibly delicious to eat. Lucky you!!!


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WAAAAY too many coyote round here, so gess ah'll hafta keep relying on the tree frogs ;-)

Shore would like summa doze eggs, tho!


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On a half Acre lot smack in the middle of town. Chickens are a no-no here too but they are worth the gamble. With a high fence and no rooster, no one really knows they are here. The one neighbor that knows loves the free eggs. If the town pitches a hiss we will take them to my parents house out in the wide open spaces. So far these are 3 years old and I get 3-4 dozen eggs a week.

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Dray, I have the same set up you have, but MY next door neighbor gets on his ROOF to see what is going on in our yard. He spotted "the girls" and they were about to begin laying--some Black Star sex linked poulets who are champeen egg layers, at 1 a day, and he sicced the city on me. So I never had a chance to give the neighbors any of our eggs. What a bummer. They ate the bugs off our veggies, were such loving young ladies. Such a pity. I see your poulets and I am so envious and regretful. Good for you though. It is worth trying.

I will keep pushing for a change in the law here too. It is a lot more acceptable in more places these days. And with fewer personnel in employ of municipalities, your chance of getting by are much better--especially if the neighbors do not report it.

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It just makes sence that every one with a little space and the desire should have a few hens. They eat every food scrap that comes off our table and compost it into rich compost for my plants. My eggs are big with rich orange yokes. They make a cake rise high and fluffy. They require very little attention and feed is cheap. For 8 hens I pay about $12 a month for feed and get 4-6 eggs a day. They keep the yard and garden cleared of bugs and even do a good job on weed seeds. The scratching even keeps the soil loose.
We love them.

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