Asiatics & Aurelian off-color... (pics)

northspruce(z3a MB CDA)July 18, 2006

Anyone know why some of my lilies bloom with less red than they should? I have 'Tinos', which is supposed to be white at the edges of the petals, then yellow, then a red patch inside. But they bloom with little streaks of red at the most, sometimes just all yellow and white. This is the best one this year...

I also have 'Cheops', bright yellow with the same red patch, but the red patches are just small red streaks:

And an Aurelian, 'Bright Star', supposed to be dark orange inside the petals but it is washed out yellow.

Is there a cultural fault that could cause this? I have had Tinos for 4 or 5 years now (it's in part shade) and I'm sure the first year it was how it was supposed to be. The other two are new this year and planted in full sun. Thanks if anyone can give me any advice.

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

I guess there's not an obvious answer... oh well I will enjoy them how they are. Thanks anyway :0)

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The 'Cheops' is very lovely, I would gladly have that in my garden.

I can not find anything on the web about Ph or other soil conditions that would affect the color. I grow over 70 varieties and none of them have changed color so it is a strange problem. Sometimes, seeds or seedlings will mature, out compete the original and grow in the same space. This often leads to people saying there lily has changed color or even more incredibly that it has changed species (was an oriental, is now an asiatic, impossible). This does not sound like your problem. Please post if you come up with a solution.


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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

Thanks for checking into it, Mystery Gardener. Tinos is the one the bothers me the most, since some blooms have a little bit of red, and some not at all. I have been able to keep track of it since planting, there were two original bulbs and they have produced a few young ones but they are still significantly smaller. Perhaps I just got inferior bulbs... I bought them at a local plant sale. My memory might be wrong that they were ever any better before.

I like Cheops too, it's very bright and produced well. I'm happy with the amount of red in it anyway. And the Aurelian, well I think they sent me the wrong one. Oh well.

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Gillian, I was at the Lily Nook today for the Neepawa Lily Festival and was looking at Tinos. They only had one left and it had no red at all (unlike the picture they had posted) so decided not to buy it. Maybe this is a natural variation in the flower. Anyway, lots of gorgeous lilies there as you can imagine! Did come away with 5 beauties and a daylily that I've been wanting; very hard to restrain myself! Cheers, Debbie.

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

Awww you went to the LN too Debbie? I have to get down there one of these years!! Interesting that their Tinos was not red either, since I didn't even buy these from the Lily Nook. Well not directly, it was from the Manitoba Lily Association or whatever they are called, might have originally come from the Lily Nook. Shelley on the Far North gallery posted her Tinos and it had big red spots - I almost choked!

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