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Belgianpup(Wa/Zone 7b)July 21, 2011

I'm asking this here because people who grow beans usually cook beans.

Have you found a difference in consistency of your cooked beans when using a crockpot vs standard methods (stove top or baking)?

I found some Anasazi beans in the store and cooked half of them (after soaking overnight) in the crockpot (never did this before). I put the ingredients in, started it on High, then after 1.5 hrs, turned it to low. Then I got called to work and didn't get home for almost 12 hrs.

They should have been overcooked, but they weren't (the onions were black!). The moisture level was okay, but the beans were still beans, there was no creamy bean 'sauce', and the beans didn't seem completely cooked.

The sell-by date on the package was 1-31-2013.

I am intensely disappointed. If this is the way beans turn out after using a crockpot, I'll never do it again. AND the beans cost $3.25/pound.

Any and all comments welcome.


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wertach zone 7-B SC

"(the onions were black!)"

Were they burned? The beans may have turned them black.

"but the beans were still beans, there was no creamy bean 'sauce', and the beans didn't seem completely cooked."

I have cooked beans in the crockpot for many years and they are just as good, to me, as cooking on the stove. I have a feeling that you just didn't have enough water in the pot. Even after soaking overnight the dry beans will absorb more water.

Try another pot (and add more water) before you give up!

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