Tomatoes Wilting

aragon127October 14, 2009

I've got about a dozen tomato plants growing in my basement (finally decided I couldn't go the winter without fresh ones). They seem to be growing good, and there are even blooms, but the bottom branches are wilting and dying off. Oddly, there's still top growth. The peppers seem to be doing okay.

Not sure what the problem is. These are in 5 gallon pots, filled with Al's mix (bark fines, vermiculite, peat moss, CRF). I usually water with 4 gallons twice a week, and add a little fertilizer to the water. The basement's generally about 65F, but much warmer under the light when it's on. I had the light on too long (16hrs by mistake) and have since cut it back to 11hrs. It's a 1000W HPS lights.

The leaves are curling under, then wilting and spreading up the branch. I've posted pictures here:

Any help is appreciated.

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

Do the pots have drain holes? If so check the bottom leaves for mites. Could also be you're using too much fertilizer. 1/4 strength once a week is ok but if you're using more then that's too much. I use fertilizer as directed or less. Never use more than directed.

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I don't use any fertilizer once the plant starts blooming. Nor do they need a bunch of water. You are giving them over 2 quarts per week. If they were getting one inch of rain per week, that would be about 40 ounces of water (if I've done the math right). But you are giving them about 70 or so. A quart or so a week should be enough.



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