what is your favorite combo???

gardenlady48(z5 IL)July 23, 2005

In your own personal experience, which combination were you most pleased with? I'm not happy with my o.lilies right now because they are planted behind bench in my garden which just shows long tall ugly legs. I'm thinking of digging them up and maybe planting them among hydrangeas? I can't find the BHG magazine now, but I believe there was an article in there that suggested that combo.

Thanks in advance.

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pardalinum(z8 PNW)

Ideally you want to shade the lower part of the lily stalk and the soil around the bulb. I would think that a mature hydrangea would be too tall and shade too much of the stalk in time. Also keep in mind that any companion plants should be compatible with the same growing conditions as the lilies. Other than that, it comes down to your taste in gardening and what plants you like/dislike. That said, here is how I do it:

My beds are quite wide, from 8 ft wide in one area to 16 in another! I try to create a layered look with the tall lilies in the background. Also, I cut the water on them after they bloom as their season's growth has pretty much come to a stop at that time. So I need "drought-tolerant" plants as companions and I find that in daylilies. To better demark the background from foreground I purchased cheap rectangular shaped trellises (installed on their sides) and even some of those tacky little white fences and staked them in zig-zag in front of the lilies. The area in front of these is my summer playground of colorful annuals, mini-roses and other water-thirsty plants. When the lilies are done, the eye is drawn to the foreground colors and not the flowerless stalks in the background.

I really don't see anything wrong with the garden bench in front of the lilies but if you have the space you might want to move them back a little and plant something around them. In a nutshell I would have to say that the sideways trellises and foreground color is what has really worked for me. I hope this is of some help or given you some different ideas or point of view on how to deal with the problem of bloomed out lilies.


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