Are Verilux bulbs any good?

debbie8592(Central FL)October 23, 2005

I'm growing Pride of Barbados seedlings under my sewing light right now because I can't persuade DH to set up a worklight for me. The light uses a Verilux bulb -- CFML27VLX. I googled it and could find only this:

Verilux® Natural Spectrum® Replacement Bulbs

Verilux® Natural Spectrum® Replacement Bulbs are energy efficient, long lasting, and produce a bright, white light similar to natural daylight*. These bulbs feature Trucolite Phosphor TechnologyÂ, the unique Verilux® blend of earth phosphors that filters out any imbalance in the light spectrum to increase contrast, show true color and reducing glare compared to ordinary fluorescent or incandescent lighting.

Does this mean anything, or does anyone know anything about Verilux bulbs? The seedlings seem to like it. Oh, and it says 27 watts, but I think there are 4 bulbs -- not sure if the 27 refers to all 4 as a group, or each individual one


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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

Is this your lamp?

This is known as a compact fluorescent bulb. Its is a folded fluorescent tube, in this folded into four short tubes. The total power is 27W.

This lamp is suitable for growing a pot of seedlings, or even a flat of seedlings, with the bulb place a couple of inches from the top of the leaves. Kinda pricey though. You would be better off with a 2x40W T8 shoplight and regular cool white bulbs (or one cool white and one warm white) for anything more than one or two seed flats.

Here is a link that might be useful: Verilux 27W

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debbie8592(Central FL)

Yes, that sounds like the one. Thank you!

I will have to work on hubby about the shoplight. Unfortunately the only place I can think of to put it is in the laundry room. Where the kitty spends lots of time. And the kitty is partial to "salad" (the Pride of Barbados seedlings have already survived one beheading!).

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Nashonii(6 Ozarks)

Debbie, your so lucky to have your Pride of Barbadoes seeds to sprout. Mine are getting to be 2 yrs old, and only 2 have sprouted. I left one outside and brought the other inside incase the frost killed the one outside. I just noticed the indoor one was dry as a bone. I guess I have killed it. I'm a terable indoor plant mom!
Does anyone know about 'Grow light-bulbs'...the kind from Home Depot? I bought the light bulb, and am thinking of trying to start the rest of my Pride of Barbadoes seeds under it.

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