Who is eating my lily?

green_goJuly 8, 2014

Found this today:

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)


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I had the exact same thing happen this year in my garden. No sign of insects and the lilies were much too tall for a rabbit to reach. So disappointing to me. Hope someone has an idea. I was thinking birds???? Maybe? Lesley

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Do you have chipmunks? Looks like chipmunk activity to me - they're looking for moisture. Even though you might be getting rain, it might not be puddling anywhere and those buds are nice and juicy.

I once watched a chipmunk climb up a lilium lancifolium stalk and go for a bud...I put a small plastic tray (like a baked good tray) of water out of the way and along its run. Problem solved in an instant.

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Lilies are tall - like 3 ft, so these can't be rabbits.
And this can't be an insect since this happened overnight - too fast for an insect to cause such damage.
Yes, I have LOTS of chipmunks and squirrels... I didn't know they like lilies.
Thanks for the tip, duluthinbloomz4 - I will put a container with water for them, we had very hot days lately... I guess, if I can't fight them, I have to become a friend with them :) Cooperate with inevitability :)

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The deer are eating mine and I'm just sick about it...They've also taken care of the beans in the garden and nibbled on most of the nice big tomatoes....AND my garden it fenced in but I guess not high enough....
Just yesterday, I bought some Deer Be Gone by Ortho and we sprayed as directed and sure enough, they came back for seconds...I didn't spray in the garden and sure enough, they stopped there and nibbled another big tomato and a big lily that had been planted near the house....Oh well, more spraying is in the works for today............I love to see the wild critters in the yard but just hate to see them eat my stuff.......

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