Sad Pink Pixie Lillies doing nothing!

tuckertdogJuly 26, 2006

I bought 3 bare-root pink pixies from a great nursery in Groton NY, quite a bit north of me (Castle Creek NY). They specialize in hardy locally grown stock. The zone for the NY Southern Tier is confusing but after my first visit on a record breaking many degrees below zero day in December, I figure the hardier the better! And no...I didn't get flooded ...just missed us by a scant mile or so! All of the flower beds got soaked but drained nicely.

They started to grow fine, but now have been the same height (5-6") for months. The leaves are just stacked tightly on top of each other on the short stems. No sign of buds and now something evil is chewing away at the poor green leaves.

I have never grown lilies but then again, I was roof gardening for the past 25 years and have my first yard!

I think I properly prepared the soil for good drainage and proper PH, but I obviously need help! The pictures I've seen on the web don't look at all like these stumpy things! Are these apt to take a year or so before flowering? Could they be just growing roots and ignoring the top half? Would moving them to another spot put them at risk?

My potted peace lily was almost destroyed by evil slug things that look just like the lilac borers I've been fighting in a 40-50 year old patch of lilac (that didn't bloom due to the damage) plus a host of earwigs (yuck). Could this be the same fate my poor lilies are suffering? I think they are different species but perhaps they taste the same to bugs. I have yet to see a bug on the eaten Pixies.

My roses are doing well and flowering. All the various bush things I got are thriving nicely. Even have a raspberry with fruit in it's first year! (bought at same place as the lilies.) I just don't have my lilies!

Anyone have a suggestion???

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Nancy zone 6

I have had the same thing happen to new bulbs before. I have always blamed it on my tendancy to buy discounted bulbs late in the season, because the ones I buy very early seem to grow fine. When did you get these? I always think fall planted lilies seem to do best.
I think these will come out next year & be fine, you may still get flowers this year. I usually do, but late. Were the bulbs smallish? Did you add bone meal to the soil before planting? If something is eating the leaves, you might try spraying the foliage if you are okay with bug sprays :) Unless the plant itself looks bad, I wouldn't dig it up. I have no real problem growing lilies, but sometimes it takes them a while to settle in.

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