Desparately seeking advise - sage, oregano, thyme

david883(5/6)October 27, 2012

I have been looking here and at other light info on the internet and the information is so overwhelming. Quite honestly, I just need someone to spell this out for me... I am trying to grow sage in doors in little containers (brought in from outside). I bought a 60Watt "Grow Light Kit" (Agrosun Dayspot brand). It says its great for houseplants and such which I know is different than a plant in the house but I thought I'd give it a shot. Well, the sage is getting wilty and looking pretty sad. Point blank, what kind of light do I use? I don't want to spend a ton of money (so, I'm one of those "give me the world for a dollar" types ha ha) but I need advise. I've also got oregano and thyme that are looking a little iffy but not terrible.

Any advise would be SOOOO appreciated!

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I looked up the Agrosun 60. Not good. Try to find a cfl of at least 42 watts. My local farm store has a 68 watt for around 16 bucks and it grows chard well, but only in a small circle. If you want to grow a larger area then find 48 inch tube shop lights t8s are common, but t12s will also work. I use 48 inch t8 4100k 2 fixtures 4 bulbs in a 2ft.x 4ft. area and can adjust the lights up or down by chains. The light fixtures are Walmart Lights of America 10 bucks. the bulbs are 7 bucks for two I think they are GE. I have had one of the fixtures crap out after a year so I had to replace it. Your plants will need to be within one or two inches of the light for the best results. That should give you an idea of where to start. Note that the bulbs are not " Grow Lights ", but standard lighting.


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Thank you, Curt! I'm going to look into all that stuff you mentioned and see what I can come up with! Obviously this light is not quite what I want/need... worth a shot, right? The aloe plant seems to like it, though! ahaha

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ya hehe, My neighbor has a few aloe plants in her living room away from the windows, darn things grow like mad. She gave me one I have it in my kitchen, but not under lights. Growing like a weed it is!


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