Brown bunch beans---info....please.

utdeedee(7A-East Tennessee)July 5, 2007

My 3 rows of KY Wonder bush bean played their best and I pulled them up yesterday (had a whopping 3 bushel and a little more from just 3 short rows). I planted brown bunch bush beans and purple hull crowder cow peas after pulling the others. I had these as a kid to eat and loved them but have never grown them.

My question(s): I planted on July 4, is it that late (Zone 7a-E. TN);

Will the crowder peas need staking or are they bush?

When should brown bunch be about ready to pick?

I searched this site and the internet and could find no info. on brown bunch beans.


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Have no idea what you planted as a brown bunch bean. There are dozens of brown seeded bush beans, both snap type and dry type. Regardless unless its something exotic, You should have plenty of time.

The Pink Eye Purple Hull cowpeas and the Purple Knuckle Hull crowder are bush types. No staking.

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utdeedee(7A-East Tennessee)

I bought the seed at a local garden store here in Knox. and it is their brand, Mayo Brown Bunch. No other name on the pack.

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Here is the descriptor from D.R Mayo Seed Company; "Pods 7inches long, broad flat. Maturity: 49 days. Local early variety, handed down for many generations. Deliciously flavored, easy to string, tender when picked young. Plant: Spreading, Vigorous, 18 to 24 inches tall. Under certain conditions will produce runners up to four" This is exactly the same description used for Tennessee Green Pod which I have grown. If so it is reasonably early, earlier than many. It does get shucky if allowed to get beany and of course it is not stringless.

Here is a link that might be useful: D.R. Mayo

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utdeedee(7A-East Tennessee)

Thanks farmerdilla. I did not know Mayo had a website. Gives me an idea of what to watch for with them and the purple hull crowder peas I also planted 7-4-07. They are doing great and both are now about 4" inches high. :)

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I have been looking tirelessly for Brown Bunch Bean seeds. I have been told there are none anywhere in the U.S. I was hoping someone might have saved some seeds from previous plantings. These are the long flat brown bunch beans. If I could just find a few seeds, I would plant them and let them go to seed. All help appreciated.

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These are old fashion beans , farmers raised them in the forties. I have some that is 10 years old but none of them will not even sprout.

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