August Blooming Lilies

ezlivin1July 27, 2006

I am undertaking an ambitious project to make my

August garden as floriferous as my Spring garden. I have several L. speciosum rubrum and album. I'm looking to have an extensive planting of other August blooming Lilies to create this effect. Does anyone know of other lilies which have a definite bloom period in mid to late August here in Philadelphia. Casa Blanca is just finishing here for me the end of July.


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Ezlivin1, I have the exact same question....except for I'm in zone 5a. I only have the speciosum rubrum, not the album. BTW, have your speciosum album bloomed yet? I wonder what they're like? Thanks. Phyl

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These late blooming orientals I found on the The lily garden web site:
Time Out
Summer's End
Willeke Alberti

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hld6(z7 MD)

Hi ezlivin1,

In Philadelphia you might have the same problem I have in Baltimore. With hot summers lilies listed as August bloomers bloom in mid- late July. And the zone can really confuse the issue. Areas with mild winters will have a higher zone even if their summers are cooler. Posts from zone 8 in the pacific northwest list later bloom times for lilies that I have in zone 7 Baltimore.

Here, Muscadet, Stargazer, and Aruba are done, in that order, and Siberia is in mid-bloom. (It'll be done in a week.)

Last year my Speciosum began blooming August 1. They're usually listed as the latest lily, so that was going to leave a lot of "lily free" warm weather ahead of me. I asked the lily forum for ANY lily later than speciosum and a couple of forum members recommended Lilium Formosanum, the Formosa lily.

From what I've figured out so far, Lilium Formosanum is the only species lily later than speciosum, (and I believe later than any of the hybrids). Its listed as blooming August - September.

It comes in two varieties, the tall form and the short "v. pricei" form. Its blooms look like downward facing exaggerated easter lilies. The tall form has more blooms but the bottom of the plant can look "spindly". It looks like companion plants would be needed.

I planted some this year. But, I got them on sale very late in the Spring (and they were small and in sort of rough shape). They don't have buds so I won't be able to give you a Baltimore bloom time yet. Even so, they are already sending up additional plants from offsets. Most sites remark that they propogate well and that seems to be the case.

Another trick to extend your season is to plant some speciosum in shadier spots. Speciosum is more shade tolerant than Orientals so it wil still bloom OK and the speciosum planted in shade will bloom a week or two later than those planted in sun.


Here is a link that might be useful: Dave's Garden Web link

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Thanks for the followups. Phyl, I planted about ten rubrum and ten album last fall. They have not bloomed yet. I'll let you know how the album look. I'm going to try Lilium Formosanum, Summer's End, Arabesque, Black Beauty. I think I will try some shadier spots also.

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leftwood(z4a MN)

Not that it is easy to find, but if you come across Lilium phillipinense, it seems to bloom about the same time or a little later than formosanum. Looks nearly identical, and they are closely related.

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Speciosum album (in considerable shade using rhododendron as support. No staking.)

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linnea56(z5 IL)

Oh gosh, I just logged on to ask for late blooming lilies! And here is a post asking for the same thing.

The last lily I have left blooming is Rubrum, blooming right now. They're very pretty. I hope to find something to add to them that isn't pink. My bright pink asters and soft pink phlox are about all I have blooming now apart from short annuals that are in the forground. So if anyone can suggest companion plantings, that would be helpful too.

Some of the varieties mentioned earlier here are unfamiliar to me. That speciosum album looks great.
If you wanted to characterize bloom order for lilies it would be, then, first asiatic, then oriental, then speciosum? Where does longifolium (longiflora?) come in? I planted some but I don't think they lived. Despite buying and planting a lot this year, I'm still a bit confused by the different types.
There'e some other species kinds that make a huge cone-shaped candelabra with small pendant blooms, that like shade. I can't remember what those are.

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"There'e some other species kinds that make a huge cone-shaped candelabra with small pendant blooms, that like shade. "


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leslie197(z5 MI)


The Lily Garden site has a nice bloom time chart which I usually use. I was going to link it for you, but they have it offline now because they are updating it. Anyway, the site has a lot of good info. My LA lilies bloom in early July. Here is a picture of a LA clump started from a single bulb in 03. Sorry no idea of the variety - bought it as part of an unnamed mix. Picture was taken July 9 this year. I wish everything grew as well as this!

Here is a link that might be useful: Lily Garden

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hld6(z7 MD)

HI linnea56,

Speciosum (Rubrum or Album) is an Oriental its just not a HYBRID Oriental. It along with L. Rubellum and some others are the Oriental species lilies from which the hybrids derive. There are some hybrid Orientals and Oriental-Trumpets that bloom around the same time as Speciosum (a little earlier - a little later, depending) such as "Journey's End" and "Scheherazade".

The only lily I've come across that blooms significantly later than Speciosum is the Formosa Lily, L. Formosanum. As Leftwood pointed out the similar Phillippine Lily (Lilium philippinense Baker), is also a very late bloomer. But, much of what you find or sale "out there" called the Phillippine Lily is really Formosanum (which is often listen as Lilium Formosanum philippinense or Lilium philippinense formosanum, hence the confusion). I got some Lilium phillipinense seed from the NALS sale which is hopefully different from Formosanum but it will be a long time before I know.

From the link you'll see that these lilies are very similar and both are white. Satisfying your "non-pink" needs.


Here is a link that might be useful: L. formosa and L. phillippine

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