Can I grow annuals successfully?

trace00969October 4, 2007

I have some options for lighting in my house. I have a 1000W MH, as well as a 400W MH, can I grow annuals successfully under these lights? The reason I ask is that I collected some seeds that I would like to start right now. If I can successfully grow them inside, I would like to try. How close to full sunlight do these lights give me? Thanks everyone.

ps....I will probably add a 400W HPS for flowering if need be.


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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

A metal halide can exceed the intensity of direct sunlight if you get close enough. Your plants would all die of course! Anyway, you should be able to flower maybe 30-50 square feet of annuals with one or both bulbs.

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YAY, I am so glad to hear that!! Thanks so much for the fast response!!


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nova12(zone 2)

I too have grown and flowered anuuals under HID lights.

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Cannabis growers do it all the time !!!!!! OOoops, maybe that is what your annuals are - LOL.

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