Roma II bush beans

deanriowa(4b)July 19, 2010

I picked my first Roma II bush beans, they were wonderfully sweet and made a good meal. I plan on saving seeds for next season.

Some beans were yellow and some green, is that normal?



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No Roma II is a green Italian type bush bean. If any are yellow you either have a wax bean mixed in or you are letting the pods get too mature. Green beans do get a shade of yellow in the shelly stage.

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I probably had some overly matured beans, they tasted good in either color, so Roma II beans seem to be tender even of mnature. I will have to keep an eye on them more closely. I am going out to pick them tonight and if I do not see any yellow beans, then that was most likely the problem.

The Roma II beans have a nice sweet flavor, I will be saving seed and planting them again next season.



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I picked some more Roma II beans yesterday evening and the old beans I left for seed were yellow and the freshest beans were green, so the yellow ones are from overly mature beans. Even when yellow the Roma II beans were tender and tasted good though. The Roma II beans along with my Cherokee wax have been the highest producers this season. I highly recommend them both.


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