yardlongs and black mulch

phantom_white(6)July 13, 2010

I had one yardlong bean come up in the landscaping this year. This ONE plant is healthier, stronger, and has more blooms on it than ANY of my previous plantings. The dirt it's planted in isn't unusually fertile, it's mostly old topsoil with lots of wood chips and black dyed mulch (courtesy of my dad). Also, the first time I watered it was last week. Any water it got otherwise was from the little rain it managed to get (it's under the awning on the porch). Do yardlong's do best in bad soil? Every other time I've planted them I've always watered and made sure the soil was really good.


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It hasn't been my experience that they prefer poor soil. But what you describe doesn't necessarily sound, to me, like poor soil. Where do you live and garden? I live and garden in Oklahoma, and the soil, though much better than some places I've been, is NOTHING compared to my native NJ (central part of the state). There, landfill soil is typically better than topsoil here!

For whatever the reason, volunteers tend to show more vigor than that which we plant where we want it. I'm not quite sure why. Though I suspect it has something to do with timing.

Tahlequah, OK

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I'm in TN. Most of what we have here is red clay unless we have a load of stuff brought in. The little ants are tending it right now... there isn't any aphids so I guess there's sugar on the plant somewhere.

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