New to Lillies - Help identifying a specimen

ravenlynneJuly 16, 2014


I'm new to lillies and had planted some "mystery bulbs" from an assorted package of bulbs 3 years ago. I no longer have the packaging. Three of the 12 finally sprouted last year but didn't flower. This year one of them bloomed. Two others sprouted but they don't have buds or anything yet. This is a picture (granted not a very good picture) of it. The bloom is about 7 inches across. Purply fuschia inside, yellow around the edges of the petals (though it looks white in the photo, it's a buttery yellow.) The stalk grew to about two feet tall when it flowered and this was the only flower. It is VERY strong smelling. I have it in my 14x14 office at work and it smells like a french flophouse in here. I'm loving it. Can anyone help me identify it because i would like to get more of these specific bulbs?

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could be 'robert swanson' ? google images and see :)

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Not sure which one it is exactly, but it is an OT hybrid so maybe google for varieties? Closest ones might be "Scheherazade" or "Red Dutch"...

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dhaven(z5 IA)

Could also be Shocking.

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