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carolynp(z7)July 28, 2008

This is my first garden, so this may be a dumb question, but I don't have the experience I need to answer it. I have some lovely pole beans growing in the garden. First, they have nearly outgrown their 6' tall trellis, what do I do when they outgrow the trellis? Also, while they appear healthy and green, they haven't flowered at all yet. Should that worry me? We lost 2 weeks off our growing season here due to cold weather and they were planted May 31st, if that info helps. Am I doing something wrong?

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jimster(z7a MA)

The last time someone asked a mundane question about pole beans, there were 31 follow-ups and I doubt we've seen the last of that one. LOL!

If you had an 8' tall trellis, as I do, pole beans would outgrow that too. That story of Jack and the beanstalk isn't so fantastic as most people think! I just let mine tumble over at the top. If you want it less messy, I think it would be OK to lop them off at 6', but I'm quite sure that would cut down production.

From my experience, pole beans take a little longer than bush beans to start flowering. Those who are more experienced will tell you more about that.


Here is a link that might be useful: How do pole beans climb?

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It may also depend on the bean. I have Kentucky Wonders and Cherokee Trail of Tears that just started to flower the end of last week. My Chinese Red Noodle beans are still climbing, no flowers yet. I had read that they take longer that most pole beans. I think Jim is right about pole beans. Generally they take longer that bush beans (I just picked my first bush beans today!)

I also just let the beans flop over the top and just let them do their thing after they reach the top of the poles.

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Thanks you guys! Carolynp

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Uuum...I wanted to follow up and say, just saw the first flowers today, lol. I'm really lousy at the "wait" part of gardening.

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jimster(z7a MA)

Same here, carolynp. I hate waiting and I also found the first flowers on my pole beans. First flowers on the common beans, that is. The scarlet runners started blooming before they started climbing and those Insuk's Wang Kongs do bloom profusely!

My pole beans were planted late, so it's a relief to me that they are now starting to climb high, fill out with foliage and show a few flowers. I'll know to get them in earlier next time.


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mattjjd24(4 upstate NY)

I dont think this is a mundane question because I was going to ask it myself!!! I'm having the same problem. I have some french pole beans growing and only a few flowers with no beans yet. Mine grew so well my teepee fell over, so the plants are a big pile.

I had read that pole beans produe a lot more than bush beans. Since they flower later, do you just get SWAMPED with beans when they do come?

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

Matt, while pole beans generally produce more than bush beans, they usually do so over an extended period. Provided that they are kept well picked & watered, they will usually bear until frost. There will be plenty of beans to freeze, but they may in smaller batches, not be all at once as they are for most bush beans.

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