Can you name this lily by description?

alleycallieJuly 9, 2007

Hi, My mother has two lily plants in her garden that nobody can name. One person swears that they are lilies. Most people think they look like iris from a distance, but upon inspection know they are not. They have a huge clump of blade-like leaves. They are flowering now, and at the top they have many small flowers atop a stalk that branches into sort of a geometric-looking pattern, and then atop these weird branches are the little flowers. A nursery person also told me she thought they were a lily that the flowers would probably be multi-colored, but she didn't have a name for them. I noticed that tyhe buds appeared to be orange from a distance, but when I got up close the first time, the one open flower seemed to have a striped petal that was burgundy and white.

I don't have a digital camera and live in a very rural area without good access to a big library. If someone knows a lily website where I could browse through pictures, or perhaps even give me some possible suggestions of what this lily might be, I would really appreciate it, as I would like to get some more of this plant. I'm a novice gardener and hope I've given enough information for someone to throw some guesses at me!

I hope I am in the right forum, because they seem to be staying, not falling as a daylily would.

Thanks, Alleycallie

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Hi Alleycallie,
I am afraid you are not in the right forum. I can not identify you mother's plants, but they are not Lilies. True Lilies do not grow in clumps of blade-like leaves. You can find info about Lilies at
Try to browse Brent and Becky's nursery web site. They have lots of tuberous plants' pictures and descriptions. Maybe, you will find your plant there. Also, you might want to post your question at the Perennials forum.
Good luck!

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