Question about using older beans

catherinet(5 IN)July 23, 2013

I always use left-over beans if I have them. I grow pole beans (blue lake and Kentucky blue). Last year I hardly got any, probably because of a drought. This year I'm getting some, but not many.
My question is.....if an older bean grows good leaves.........will its oldness affect how well it blossoms? The one plant looks great leaf-wise, but hardly has any blossoms. Maybe the season is slow this year.

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I've never had older beans affect how well it blossoms. Germination rates are the biggest issue. And this year, doing a large growout of older seed, I've had many headless plants, which have taken longer to start vining, if they do vine at all.

Constant 90+ degree temps means a slow year, here.


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catherinet(5 IN)

Thanks Gary.
What do you mean by headless plants? How did they get headless?

Last year we had a drought, but I watered every other day. But....the high temps really wrecked my beans. I think I got just a couple handfulls out of a bunch of vines. The cucs and the tomatoes did great though.
This year, my pole kentucky blue beans started producing a couple weeks ago. But my Blue lake barely have any blossoms. I hope they're just late.
I think another mistake I made was over-planting. I'm always afraid some won't sprout.......then they all do, and I don't have the heart to thin them. But I think it robs them to have too many. Also, some of them didn't vine well and are creating a shelter at the bottom of the trellises for mice. :(
Next year, I'll try to be strong, and not over-plant. :)

Thanks again.

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Headless as in no leader, they just come up with only the cots showing. Where the vine would start is sort of a small dead area. After a week, or so, there may be growth at the base of the cot stem, and that will turn into a vine. If not, the plant dies.


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catherinet(5 IN)

So you think they were headless because of their age?

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Mostly due to age.

Many of my beans are experimental selections of natural crosses. These will rarely produce headless plants using last years saved seed. The 4-5 year old seed produces headless plants much more often.


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catherinet(5 IN)

Thanks Gary.

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