Greenhouse lighting advice?

buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)October 9, 2008

I have a small greenhouse 6 x 8 with tropical plants and a pond with tropical waterlilies. I'd like to keep them all flowering over the winter or at least green and not dormant.

My climate isn't terribly cold but it is gray and cloudy for months on end.

I do have SAD somewhat.

I thought I wanted HPS but have been reading about ceramic metal halides showing the colors better and being more like sunshine.

Not sure where to buy, budget is an issue as is my electric bill.

DH has finally weatherized the greenhouse and run power but it is not 220 if that makes a difference.


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I would run 600HPS x 2 with a reflectorized lamp (like a Gavita knock-off) - this type of lamp has the most even kind of lighting, compared to any other type of reflector.
Read the Purdue University article on greenhouse supplemental lighting.
I think a nice HPS lamp should be still good for SAD

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