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crazy8October 3, 2008

Ok so the one thing I look forward to every year is taxes. I know its not right to think like that but I look at it as "oh man I got fat check coming, what can I buy with it?". Well here is the deal I of course would like to get a new lens for my new Canon XSi. But I also would like to invest in some kind of light setup. So here is my question to all of you. If you were given $400-$600 to put together an indoor grow light setup what would you get? But to make it more interesting you want a good all around light that works great with many different plants (vegetables/peppers mostly) and wont jack the electric bill. Please write down specific details/specs as Id like to see what you all think.

Perhaps I shall do a Hydrohut type of thing...

Thank you al very much for your input

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I should have stated that im not looking to do one of those HUGE sun lamp type setups typical of growing plants indoors long term but I am looking for something that will allow me to maybe grow some pepper or other plants in a 3x3 foot Hydrohut for at least a few months. I know there are all sorts of light technology out there which is why I ask what your recommendations are.

Thanks again

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I recommend 400w Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH). This is true full-spectrum, with more red than an HPS and more blue than an old-style MH. With the appropriate horizontal reflector, this would cover about 3' x 5' growing area, or about 8 plants of 2' height. This full-spectrum light is the best single light for all stages.

The "hydro hut" does absolutely nothing for plant growth, and even interferes with external ventilation. To prevent excessive heat, vent fans are necessary. The huts do provide some light reflection, but good reflector will direct all the light downward (so none hits the walls).

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Well thats great information. So with what you are recommending I still would buy a 400w ballast with reflector that uses the MH and HPS styly bulbs correct? A 3 x 5 area inst to bad either. The only reason I was considering the hydro hut was to have a way to direct some of the light but you do make a good point with a good reflector. So having this kind of set up wont hurt the electric bill at all?

Thanks for your input. I greatly appreciate it.

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So just to make sure I have this right, I would need these here to take that kind of bulb correct?

With those work?
Thanks for your help.

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Im sorry those are both reflectors I ment to add this ballast. I know its 400w but I cant see anything lesser on this site and not sure how all this stuff works.

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chilliwin(EU DK 7)

On eBay I have seen so many led grow lights with big different prices. I hope there must be a qualitative difference of these products. Most of the time people think expensive products are better than the cheap one but it is not all the time true. So how can I find out the right products for my plants?

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I would stick with a T5 setup and buy them as you need them. I've got two T5 8 Bulb setups that I use to start veggies and flowers and produce more plants then I know what to do with. I started pepper plants on Dec. 23 last year and by Valentines day they were over a foot tall and loaded with flowers.

I'd go with something like this and then buy more if you need more light. This will cover a 2X4 area, or 4 1020 flats side by side. You can buy the blue or red bulbs, or both to cover the complete spectrum.They produce very little heat and wont add a zero to your electric bill.

Check Craigslist! There are always people selling grow lights that realized growing dope is not as easy as it seems or have had a visit from John Law.

Here is a link that might be useful: T5 Grow Lights

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Google doitbest and t12 shoplight. get 2 lamp shoplight fixtures for $12. Buy about 6. = $72. go to ebay and get used advance or quicktronic t8 ballast for 4 lamps. cost = $50. get some mylar (2 mil, small roll) cost = $30, and carpet tape, cost = $5. rewire these lithonia shoplight fixtures for T8 overdrive. Buy 12 T8 lamps (litetronics 5000K) cost $50. cut mylar and line shoplight fixture with mylar using carpet tape. For about $250 you can grow peppers, tomato, etc. whatever you want galore. Save your money for another project. That is how I set up my indoor garden, anyway. You will also need some electrical cable, may need to buy a 1/2" drill bit etc to modify the cases, and you'll need screw etc. still you will have fantastic set-up. that's what i do. look up google "t8 overdriven fluorescent" to see how it is done - fluorescent light is highly intense, is better than CMH, is highly efficent (lumen or PAR per watt), and run cool, so plants can grow up to within 1-2" of the lamp, as opposed to 16" from the CMH lerner is talking about. I personally stay away from CMH- they are poor value for the money - paul mozarowski.

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or see my new post about the 775w Venture pulse start lamp - this will use up your money and you will love it!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: my post on venture 775w lamp

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