Stargazer and Tiger ?'s

itsastart(5)July 20, 2008

I live in central indiana. I'm a big fan of the stargazer, any input on where to plant stargazers would be great, I'd love to have the fragrance in my yard.

Now to the Tiger Lilies, which may be daylilies... Im not sure if thats even their name. Growing up in chicago we had these EVERYWHERE, here in indiana I see alot of orange lilies, but the ones here are much smaller and solid orange without the pretty markings. Anyone know if these are just unavailable here or what. I miss these and would love to have some...


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Stargazers - Full sun to mostly. Mine get a lot of sun, enough for gorgeous blooms, but lean. The ones closer to the front (more southerly sun) don't get full morning sun, but don't lean. They multiply if happy and 2nd year blooms are even nicer.

Source at link for Tiger Lily, doesn't seem too expensive and you only need a few to get started, don't have any but they're very common here, too, but not as much as the orange ditch lilies which have a darker watermark toward the center. I read they aren't true lilies but something different, not sure about that. They're invasive here but some people like them. Don't know what your solid orange ones might be, could be another variety of the ditch lily. Tigers lean if not in full sun but sometimes even to better effect leaning if naturalized down a slope. I don't know if there is a difference, but I like the kind that make the little bulblets where the leaves join the stem which you can also plant but take longer to mature and bloom.

There is also a double version of the tiger at link. I've had good luck with them, gotten several things from them. Just one small mixup of one in a batch, no biggie. They all came up in the spring but one scilla. Again, no big deal.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tiger Lily at Old House Gardens

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Those tiger lilies are stunning.

Ditch lilies are usually daylilies which aren't true lilies.

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ofionnachta(z6 WNJ)

Ditch lilies are called Bank lilies in New England,because they used to be planted along roadside banks to hold the soil against erosion. Their species name is hemerocallis & the tawny ones are the ones folks call "ditch."

They are tolerant of more shade than other lilies or even other hemerocallis, so if you have a shady place where you would like some tall orange flowers in July, go ahead & plant them! And they are terrific for erosion-threatened spots.

You can get the yellow version of the same thing at Bloomingfields Farm in Connecticut---use Google. They have a lot of the old fashioned "spider" kind of daylily.

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