Lilies of 2005

kdjoergensenJuly 5, 2005

Here are some of my pictures from 2005:

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bcgift52(Z8 Canada)

Lily heaven, great pictures including the daylily. Could you please identify pictures:
6 Lilac pink with white eye
17 White with lime
18 Pastel pink
21 Pink oriental
41 Peach spider
I'm finding so many retailer pictures are so unlike the real thing so it's really nice to see these postings. Thanks.

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6. Unknown asiatic
17. "Henry's Surprise" (asiatic, fragrant).
18. "Chianti" (asiatic)
19. "miss france" (Dwarf oriental)
20. Henryi (species lily.. not a spider lily)

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Mouth watering collection there Kenneth. It might be quicker to just provide the list of names for the above lilies so the rest of us know what to write on our wish lists. Otherwise, please let me know what numbers 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, 40, 41, & 42 are.


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Can you tell me the names of the fifth lily and the eighth. The fifth is a yellow/green with redish lines the length of petal. No. 8 is creamy with oval red spots. Boy, this is tough, describing the delicate tones of flowers. Could you also give the source. Thanks. They are lovely. Marie

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Nancy zone 6

Those are some beautiful lilies, several to add to my wish list. Question about your Chianti. I have a Chianti also, but mine is a bit deeper color & more solid-almost salmon color. I'm wondering if what I have is really Chianti since I think I just bought it from one of our local stores that aren't known for accuracy. Maybe I should scope it out a little closer online. Thanks for the pics!

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Number 5 is an OT (orienpet) called TOUCHING .. should be available from several vendors.

I don't know the identify of number 8, but my guess is somekind of tiger lily hybrid (lilium lancifolium)

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1. OT American west
2. also an OT.. ALBANY I think
5. OT Shocking
6. Species Lilium Henryi
7. some tiger hybrid but not sure of name
8. an asiatic but do not know the name

From the bottom:
a. Oriental simplon (white, fragrant)
b. salmon tiger lily hybrid
c. not sure what the spotted yellowish orange is but some asiatic type of lily
d. a group of henryi species lilies along a trunk of a tree
e. pink spotted SAN SOUCI oriental lily
f. orangy "blazing dwarf" dwarf growing lily
g. red pixie lily (very early flowering)
h. white trumpet lily (snow queen, I think)

Hope the above helps

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Hi Kenneth:

Love the OT's, sure wish I could find some locally. I have had very poor luck when using mail order and have pretty well given up on that. Patience is the key (I don't have any ;-), sooner or later I will track them down.

Thanks for your quick response on the ID's.


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Beautiful pictures Kenneth, thanks for sharing.
MG, have you ever ordered bulbs from They are in Neepawa, Manitoba. I have been ordering from them for many years now and they have really expanded their selection. So far, I have never had any problem with their bulbs, always healthy and true to name. Since my family lives in Wpg, I have traveled through Neepawa and met the folks there and they are really very nice. Anyway, I'm in a zone 3 area so I usually stick to the Asiatics however over the past 4 year, I have been expanding into the O/T lilies. Three years ago, I ordered Northern Star and Georgette and so far they have come throught with flying colors, no extra winter protection other that snow. Couple of years ago I ordered Shocking, Red Dutch and Albany and since it was the first year they were all pretty small. This year, Shocking is about 31/2' tall and although hasn't bloomed yet I impressed with it's size and how it increased in the clump. Red Dutch is slower growing and still about 30" and only two stems but it looks good and Albany is about 4' high with 4 stems. Can't wait for them to bloom. This year I planted 3 First Crown and they each have 1 stem and are around 30" high. I'm going to have to be really sneaky when ordering this year because I sure like that Satisfaction and the American series.

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parad0x(Z7 Philadelphia)

Hey Ken, how about "DSCN2919.jpg", which would be #24 (from the top if I counted correctly? Red edges with yellow center...

Todd In Philly

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eltigre(z5 KS)


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Todd, that lily is the asiatic "Cancun".

Here is a group of them

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Joeypack(8 Ark/Tx)

Kenneth, after seeing your pictures and looking for our emails, I inadvertantly (sp?) may have sent "Elegant Lady" by accident. The hue of the lily posted is a little pink. If you remember, I purchased several hundred dollars of lilies this past winter and we traded for a Henryii cross for Snow queen.
I will be glad to send you the correct ones this fall. I questioned why I have 3 blooming "elegant lady" and 5 blooming "Snow queen". I apologize!
BTW, out of all of the lilies that I had planted this season, Red Dutch, Triumphator, elegant lady are my favorites! I am not sure of you have Red Dutch and Triumphator, but if not, please get them! They are wonderful.
Look forward to hearing from you in the fall so that I can send you the correct lilies. Joey

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WOW, Great pictures. I came to this forum to ask: Can these lilies be eaten? I have tasted and eaten a number of daylilies, and like the orange ones the BEST. Great in a salad.

Now, I have some friends with lilies, and could get a start of some, and wonder about if they are safe to eat.

Just don't let me loose in your lily garden. LOL


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Kenneth, I have ordered a few bulbs from I sent Lynette a picture of your #8 pic. She suggest that it may be primrose lady. So I am adding that to my order if available. Thanks for the great pictures.

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It is similar, but it is not "primrose lady". You should be happy with that one, however. It is very nice. Plantlilies should be a good source for lilies.

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Awesome pics! Your garden must look incredible right now. How do you take all those pictures without getting shadows on them?

I thought that white trumpet was Lorina till I read the other posts, they really look alike.

Anyways, thanks for sharing your pictures with us!

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Lily_grower_zone_5(z5 NY)

Ken, those are great pictures. I am intrigued by Picture #35 which is a dark red asiatic with narrow petals and very heavily spotted. Five years ago, I ordered some daylilies from Gilbert Wild and they sent three free asiatics with the order. These asiatics bloom faithfully and beautifully each year. They do not spread. Just send up one stem from each plant with three blooms each. They appear to me to be what you have pictured. I have never known the name and I have never seen them pictured anywhere. By any chance do you know the name of these? Thanks.

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Asiatic lily RHODOS

Try one year to deadhead (pinch) flower buds off before they can bloom. That should result in lots of offsets at the base of the lily. Atleast deadhead after flowering.

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Lily_grower_zone_5(z5 NY)

Thanks for the information regarding the Rhodos lily. I have received an e-mail suggesting that rather than Rhodos, the picture you have submitted is more than likely an Asiatic named Blackout, and said mine is probably Blackout also from the description I gave you. It was said that Rhodos have rounder petals that tend to curl under and those of yours have flat, longer and pointed petals. By any chance have you grown Blackout Asiatic lily as well as the Rhodos and therefore might have a first hand comparison? Continued thanks.

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