beans stopped setting beans in summer

houstongardener09July 22, 2009

hi my beans stop setting beans this summer. is this just due to the high heat or was something wrong with the bean plants. i live in houston. also what varieties of green beans and wax beans do you recommend

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iam3killerbs(7 NC Sandhills)

Beans don't like heat so its normal for them to stop at the height of summer in hot climates.

Some varieties will produce more once it cools off. Others will be done for good.

I'm in zone 7 and my ag agent said to plant beans in May and July.

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Side dress them with a light fertilizing and with Epsom salts. As soon as it begins to rain they will begin to bloom again.

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I agree with iam3killerbs.Every year by the end of July my beans stop producing and look like they will not survive.But by mid Agust they start growing vigorously.
Keep feeding water particuraly on hot days.

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