Will Lilium Lily Rebloom (Deer ate bud!)

missmarceJuly 4, 2009

Hello! I am new to the Garden Forum so bear with me. My NEW lily garden has been invaded by deer. All were planted last fall and were doing well. They include Liliums, Longiflorum, an Oriental Lily (Stargazer)?, and several daylilys.The only one they touched were the Liliums and the Longiflorum and the buds are gone. Will they rebloom? I am in Nova Scotia, Canada....not a terribly long growing season!

Thanks so much in advance!

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Sorry to say that no they won't. If deer cropped the buds and probably the whole top of the lily itself, it's finished for the season. Let them go through the season, turn bown, etc. to replenish the bulbs for next year and they'll come back good as new next season.

You might think of a way to start protecting lilies once they emerge from the ground in the spring - chicken wire, a real fence, or one of the commercial preparations like "Liquid Fence" or "Deer-Off".

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