Snap peas salvagable?

inkfulJuly 8, 2010

Hello! I'm a first year gardener and I've come across a problem that I'm having trouble tracking down an answer to. I think my gardening vocabulary isn't robust enough.

In the middle of a heat wave, I left my Sugar Ann snap peas unattended overnight. So when I returned home, they were all leaning over en masse and touching their toes. They are 2x the height noted on the seed packet, so the support I provided was entirely in adequate.

Watering did nothing to help them perk up, but oddly enough they don't seem to be wilting. What can I do (if anything) to save these plants?

Many thx!


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chinamigarden(z5 MI)

Next time you go out you should leave them in the capable hands of a pea sitter.

If they aren't wilting, then they are probably fine. Just keep up the normal watering.

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linda_schreiber(z5/6 MI)

And try to *gently* get them a little more "up", rather than touching their toes, and especially if they are touching the ground. Even if it is just sticks and string between lawn chairs, or leaning them across a strung hammock...

Odds are they will do great, but even with enough water, they won't be able to "lift themselves up by their own bootstraps". (Noone can.) And if the main stems "crease", productivity will be way down.

FYI, if peas or beans are really happy, they regularly exceed the height noted on the seed packet.... You've apparently done good (grin). You can plant for it next year.

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Thank you both. It's good to know that I was doing things right up until I thought it's only 36 hours and they'll *probably* be fine. Lesson learned the hardway :(

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