Big plants, no beans

hank11(8 Northern Ca.)July 23, 2012

I planted Kentucky wonder and blue lake pole beans. All of them are about 6 feet tall and very healthy and lots of flowers. Problem is, no beans. After searching this forum it looks like heat is the problem, it's been in the mid 90s to the low 100s for the last couple of weeks. Is there a bean that will do well in these temps?

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Same problem here in Delaware--I'm not sure what kind of pole beans I planted, but I have giant, lush plants and not a single bean. There seem to be flowers, but it ends there. It's hot here, but not insanely hot; was a bit dry in June and early July, but I used my soaker hoses. All of my other vegetables (egglplant, tomatoes, okra, peppers, cucumbers, squash) are producing just fine.

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Different varieties show different degrees of heat tolerance. Generally, Rattlesnake is known for heat resistance. I grow Tennessee Cutshort, which does alright into the low to middle 90s. But we've been experiencing triple digit temperatures, often to 106 F, for weeks now, and Tennessee Cutshort appears to be waiting for cooler temps. I wonder about Blue Marbut. Being from Alabama, it might be heat resistant.

Tahlequah, OK

Here is a link that might be useful: Sandhill Preservation Center Beans

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My pole beans aren't doing anything either. They weren't even flowering until just this morning when I went out to look at them. I'm assuming the heat got to mine too. They're ALL over the place but no beans. How are yours doing now, as this post is a couple of weeks old?

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Even my rattlesnake beans shut down in the heat of July--days running in the 100s. They have started up, but weakly. Just a handful of beans each week from about 10 ft of trellis. Disappointing. My yard long beans, Chinese Red Noodle, are finally producing--albeit slowly, beginning in mid-August from a May planting. Good thing the new crop of bush beans is blooming up a storm.


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