Kentuck Wonder and Sunflowers

lannegreenelagJuly 12, 2008

I read in a compatability table that pole beans, Kentucky Wonder this year, are not compatible with sunflowers. Is this true and if so what are the effects? I must confess my sunflowers (not sure what kind, but for edible seed)are close enough to my beans that several vines have climed them.

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Sunflowers are heavy feeders, which tend to out compete beans. When water or nutrients are scarce, the sunflower is going to get whatever is available. They are very competitive.

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"Sunflowers are heavy feeders, which tend to out compete beans."

Can I assume then, if a gardener keep the sunflowers and beans, watered and fertilized, they could grow good together?


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Good is relative , Dean. If you have rich soil with plenty of water, yes they will grow together. Be warned , tho, that sunflowers don't have a strong base. Expect the beans to pull them down in the first thunderstorm.

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That makes sense. I guess the compost has kept them both fairly happy, lord known we have had plenty of rain. I'll separate them a bit more in the future. I agree I'd not count on the flowers as the beans main support but a few tendrills haven't caused any problem. The main reason the to crops ended out near each other is because of both of their hights (these sunflowers are ~6') and my attempt to max production while not shading other crops.

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