Watering problems

keepitlow(6)October 14, 2009

I set up some window boxes on shelving and have 4 foot florescent fixtures providing the light. When the sprouts are small and the lights are close to them, I have hard time watering with my mini water can.

How do you water in such cases? It is a pain to raise all the lights every time to water.

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

That's the price we pay for growing under lights. I use a small hose attached to my watering can. It's more time consuming but so is moving the lights.

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They have a hanging chain, or string that they sell at Worms Way that you can use in place of what your using. It's a retrackable cord. You just pull down and push up so easy...Look into it. I use them, and what a neat thing to use...

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Thanks. Will check out the hose and Worms Way.

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