Pink Half Runner

chroni678July 17, 2008

I recently replanted beans after the summer crop has diminished..the supply store was out of my normal Blue Lake beans but the owner sold me Pink Half Runner Beans..Stated this was one of his favorites...I purchased and have planted but I can't seem to find any info on the web about this particular bean...I'm not sure what I've

Does anyone know if this bean might be known under a different name?..Also if you have ever grown them what might I expect and at what stage to pick..

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I have a few beans that turn pink or violet in the shelly stage, one is white hull pink tip it is actually a wax bean which to me are greasybeans that are white or yellow vice green in the snap stage. The other is a cornfield bean again another greasy type bean which means it lacks the hair like rough texture on the pod and is slick as if oiled. I can not think of any green snaps that have pink, there are several that are striped purple or various shades of dark purple. So my guess is the bean will be white very light green to cream or yellow colored pod in the snap stage and pink to violette in the shelly stage. Keep us informed if it is otherwise sounds interesting. What does the seed look like ie what color, any markings, is it kidney shaped or rectangle with flat ends etc. Rodger

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thanks for the reply:

the beans are light brown in color and fairly small, kidney shape..The guy told me he eats them raw as well as cooked..I have to assume as you suggested that it may turn out to be a waxy type of bean..found one internet company that sells it by that name...

Here is a link that might be useful: Pink Half Runner Seed Link

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Do they look like these beans?

Here is a link that might be useful: Purcel Mountain Pink Pearl Bean

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Ok I have been busy enjoying these beens and forgot to post follow goes...Good steady harvest and very good taste. We found out that these are also refered to as peanut bean. They look like a white half runner but the beans are actually pink instead of white..Same size as well. We grew 4 different varieties of beans this year and this is by far our favorite. The flavor is much different than the standard "green bean" flavor. Not sure "peanut" is the right description but still very different. Also I set the plants up to run up poles but they did very little running. A few ran three feet or so but the more successful plants actually formed a bush with short runners.

Here is a link that might be useful: Truck and Car Carpet

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Would you possibly be interested in a trade for some pink half-runner seeds? I would only need 6-10 to experiment with. I have a couple other "greasy" bean varieties if you are interested. All of mine are actually pole beans that do get 8-10 feet tall. Email me if you are interested.

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Just letting you know that I found some pink half-runner seeds.

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My family has a Garden Center in high point NC a customer sold me some pink half runners and i plan to plant them is the spring.

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Can anyone tell me about pink half-runner (= Red Peanut?) as a snap? I bought seeds for this from the sample seed shop, and was planning on growing it as a snap. I don't mind if I have to string the beans (I'm used to this) but I don't want to grow it if it isn't very good for a snap bean.

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My family back to my grandmother grew the Pink Tip half runner beans, they are by far my favorite, but more and more difficult to come across. I keep some just for planting the next season. I also mix them with
Cabbage beans similar in size and shape and also
excellent producing. The Cabbage bear has a green shell and the beans inside are white. Once when cooking, I didn't
have enough Pink Tips, so I mixed them and liked them so
much that now I always cook them together.
I like to harvest them when the bean pod is full and a creamy off white color with a light pink tint on each end.
Hope this as been helpful to you.

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My family has grown "Peanut Beans" for as long as I can remember. Coming from Tennessee, I found when I moved to GA, nobody had ever heard of them. Last summer I found them grown at Osage Farms in Rabun County, GA, I canned last summer and now waiting for this years crop. I have heard them called Pink Half Runners and TN Red Peanut Beans, whatever they are called, they are by far the best green bean you will ever eat! No other bean has the flavor these do. I read another post that someone said these beans are pole beans, but I have never seen true Peanut Beans grown as pole beans, they tend to bush and have some runners as well. Whatever, if you have the chance, grow some and can them for the winter. You will be glad you did.
I use to have seeds sent to me from TN, but now have no garden so I will travel almost two hours to get them!!

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