What is eating the top leaves of my bean plants?

ygofastJuly 19, 2013

Something is eating the top leaves of our bush bean plants and it's done it on virtually all of our plants . . . well over 100.

*Photo attached showing the typical damage on a plant and an entire row -- every plant still has lower leaves but the top ones are neatly taken off.

*No plants are completely gone; none have all the leaves gone (but there are so few leaves that there's no crop).

*Our yard is totally fenced in AND there is a smaller fence secured at the bottom to railroad ties around the garden area, so we do not think it's deer or rabbits. No footprints even after rain, either.

*We do not see any bugs, slugs or other "things" -- even going out after dark with a flashlight (several times).

*We've used Sevin on the plants and still leaves are disappearing.

*Don't see any leaves just lying on the ground -- whatever is taking them is devouring them totally!

*Haven't even had any blooms on the plants yet, let alone there being any beans.

*Don't know if it provides a clue, but it was very wet here earlier this year -- and this was happening long before the current hot spell.

If you have any ideas of what's happening and what to do to cure it, we'd love to know. Thanks so much!

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Oops -- forgot to mention that the tomatoes that are right next to the beans are NOT being eaten.

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catherinet(5 IN)

mice or voles.

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

Damage that severe - and that widespread - would most likely be deer or a woodchuck. Both will leave bare stems. If your fence is too high for deer to jump over (at least 6 feet high) then I would look for a hole under your fence. I am battling a woodchuck right now; in the past, live trapping has been effective.

Which reminds me to go check my trap... I had to reset it yesterday when I caught a possum.

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