growing pole beans in the wind

renny12July 15, 2010

I live in a very windy area and have only grown bush beans. Can you grow climbers in the wind. We get lots of 30 mph and some 60 mph winds. I wonder if they will be wind whipped and blown to pieces. Thanks.

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jimster(z7a MA)

If the trellis can stand the wind the beans will be OK. Be sure the trellis is well braced to support the wind load which develops on the mass of plant material near the top. Individual leaves, being flexible, spill the wind and aren't harmed unless there is a hurricane.


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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

I am a big fan of trellised pole beans, they make up a majority of my bean plantings. However, they are vulnerable to wind. The leaves might come through gusty winds OK, provided that the trellis is strong enough. The pods, though, could suffer from wind bruising, which causes hard scarred spots on the pods. Some pole snaps seem to be more vulnerable to wind bruising than others... including "Fortex", I am sad to say.

For dry beans or shellies, bruised pods are not an issue, since the pod will not be eaten. For snaps, though, the bruises can be very unappealing. My winds are nowhere near as strong as yours, Renny, but I still try to plant my pole snaps downwind of other tall crops. If your winds are predominately from the West (as mine are) it might be helpful to grow pole snaps on the East side of a structure, or behind shelter of some kind. Lacking that, bush beans might be the best bet.

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i'm going to start reducing the height of my trellises, to allow the vines to reach for the top and then drape back down. It seems like the higher the trellis the more damage the vines sustain.

My pole beans don't seem to have as long a bearing season as they do in other areas. i suspect the constant wind pressure leaves them more susceptible to disease but i have no evidence to support that. They still produce longer than the bush varities and it is a great convenience to pick standing up!

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I imagine it would be a help to put up your trellis' so that the wind runs along their length instead of hitting them broadside. We have some high winds here in Oklahoma and I have not noticed any real damage to our trellised beans. Uh, well, I guess I did have one casualty this year. I had a volunteer pole bean come out of a batch of bush beans, and I was pretty sure it wouldn't even bloom while the bush beans were blooming. So I put up a pole, forgetting to cut the pole down to 8' maximum height. The bean went up about 13' and made a HUGH mass of vines, which caught the wind like a sail. We had some high winds this week and the pole snapped.

Tahlequah, OK

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